Group and Affiliated Companies

Maritalia has grown steadily over the years guided by its stable family leadership. Moreover, it is part of a group of companies engaged in a range of activities.

Affiliated companies

AIS operates an 800 m3 desalination plant within the Port of Dakar for the supply of fresh water to a diverse range of clients in the energy industry.
Alga installs and maintains telecom and energy infrastructure assets, such as telecom masts and low/medium voltage power distribution networks.
Consortium Sénégalais d'Activités Maritimes (COSAMA) : COSAMA owns and operates five vessels: three passenger transport vessels and two general cargo vessels.
Senegal Supply Base (SSB) : SSB is the exclusive concession holder for energy logistics activities in the Port of Dakar. Maritalia is the co-founder, key shareholder and holds the Chairmanship of SSB.
Imalga manages a vast portfolio of land holdings and real estate both within Dakar and outside the city.
STN holds a port towage concession as well as a license for offshore towage operations.
SO-GT Operates a 1100 m2 crew transfer terminal within the Port of Dakar and provides a range of crew and personnel logistic services.