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MARITALIA is the first Senegalese company operating in the field of transport and logistics to be ISO 9001 certified for all its services.

This no doubt reflects the foresight and innovative spirit of our management team, who understood that the future belongs to those who can anticipate.

This certification is not only a significant competitive advantage in an increasingly tough economic environment, but also perfectly complements our long-held management philosophy, which places the customer at the heart of our daily concerns.

Customer satisfaction is our purpose and everything that MARITALIA does is geared towards achieving this objective in the most efficient and effective way.

This customer-oriented approach is enshrined in the founding principles of our quality policy, which dictates our strategic decisions:

  • Unfailing respect for laws and regulations;
  • Improving the company’s performance by providing services that satisfy our customers’ needs;
  • Enhancing human resource and communication skills;
  • Providing the necessary resources for the proper functioning of the company;
  • Establishing an honest and fast billing system.

In fact, adherence to these principles allowed us to successfully complete the certification project in a relatively short period of time, finishing in 2011.

Finishing! My apologies for the slip of the tongue, as in reality, certification was only the beginning of an endless journey towards continuous improvement …